Decorator service 

Have a look in mind, but not sure how to make it a reality? Let Us help 

Having a reception and not sure what to do about decorations? Or having a party and not sure? This is where we may be able to help. Our DECORATOR SERVICE is NOT a wedding planner service, but a service designed to help clients take the vision they have for the special event and make it a reality. Or, if your really unsure what you may want, we can offer suggestions based on your style. On a budget? No problem, just let us know and we will tell you what we can do within your budget. Contact Julie and set up a time to meet and discuss what you are looking for and she will let your know what she can do, and what the cost will be. Your not obligated to use her service until everything is agreed on. Due to the fact she gives her clients 100%, and the time it takes to prepare the decorations, her service is limited to how many she will do and how close together they may be. So if your interested in her service, contact her soon.




These are some photos from an outdoor country style wedding.